Innovation since 1827

Slootsmid stands for a common sense approach in the agricultural industry, with the emphasis on flexibility, enthusiasm, reliability and the customer. Slootsmid's strength is also in its innovative approach of product development. Slootsmid is specialised in the worldwide development, production and marketing of slurry injectors.

Slootsmid, slurry injector producer from the word go

Slootsmid B.V. is first and foremost a manufacturer of slurry injectors. Over the years more and more has come to be expected of slurry injectors all the time. Thanks to the innovative and practical approach by our designers, new developments continue to be incorporated into our machines in the most practical ways. This straightforward way of doing things has resulted in clever, solidly reliable slurry injectors which in turn enable farmers to achieve higher levels of productivity. Our machines are economical to use: wear and tear has been reduced to a minimum thanks to the logical construction, and Slootsmid spare parts are easy on the pocket.

Slootsmid can offer added value

After more than 175 years of experience, Slootsmid went on specialising in the development, production and distribution of slurry injectors since the late 1980's. Our main focus is on innovation, user-friendliness and low running costs.

We offer a range of efficient slurry injectors for the professional user. Our programme is complete from animal to vegetable, aimed at the optimal use of animal manure with minimum impact on the environment. The machines stand out for their durability, simplicity, high reliability, low pulling power required and a high value after depreciation.

Thanks to our many years of experience and 40 motivated staff who ensure the high quality of our products and excellent service, a growing number of users in the Netherlands and abroad are taking advantage of our unique machines that excel in reliability and performance.

In demand round the world 

Our products are designed entirely in-house and continue to be finetuned into reliable, environmentally friendly and practical machines. The various types of shallow grassland injectors and slurry applicators for row crops are used throughout the Netherlands, several European countries, and even in Canada, the USA and China.

In-house development and production

Wearing your gumboots in the mud! Slootsmid's practical approach becomes evident in sophisticated designs and robust constructions! Slootsmid is proud to be called a specialist in slurry application technology thanks to their close ties with end users and legislators, allowing them to produce the most comprehensive machines. In fact, workmanship and custom-made goods combined!


After-sales service

Having two branches and brand-new premises in Borculo with a production workshop and a modern, well-equipped warehouse, Slootsmid has the right tools to be a specialist in slurry injector technology for now and in the future. Every day, parts are dispatched to dealer companies in the Netherlands and abroad for overnight delivery. Our staff are also on stand-by via an information desk to assist with sales, service or advice.


We would also like to welcome you as a satisfied user of a Slootsmid machine!