Because of their optimum construction, Slootsmid's cutting filters very effectively reduce large parts in the slurry flow and filter them. Large parts are caught in the filter housing. The blades that grip into each other bring about a forced flow of slurry.

Suitable for either vacuum tanker or pump wagon. Careful thought has gone into the design of the cutting housing. It yields a perfect flow of slurry. The cutting filter can easily be fitted onto an existing or a new tanker.




Excellent filtering and reduction of large parts in the manure

The cutting filter does not create undesirable resistance in the slurry flow. The star-shaped cutting blades rotate closely along the cutting comb. Because the cutting comb centres the cutting blades the risk of the blades breaking is reduced. The cutting filters are available with a 6", 8" or 10" connection. All components are easily accessible, and there is minimal wear and tear.

Technical information

Models SF 6      SF 6E SF 8      SF 8E SF 10
Connection size      6" 6" 8" 8" 10"
Flow (l/min) ca. 4000      ca. 4000     ca. 7000      ca. 10.000    ca. 10.000
Drive Hydraulic Electric Hydraulic Electric Hydraulic