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Slootsmid hose reel

Slootsmid manufactures solid hydraulic hose reels for inclusion of, for example drag or transportation hoses. These hose reels are by a well thought-out construction strong and well built. The frame is galvanized and the reel is equipped with a two component lacquer. The drive is through a heavy double-sided chain with non-return valves which are connected to chain wheels that are attached on the drum wall. Tensioning the chain is done by means of a hydraulic chain tensioner.  Connection is made by means of a 3-point hitch headstock.



Standard version

  • 3-point hitch headstock
  • Hydraulically driven 
  • Heavy double-sided chain drive with check valves 
  • sprocket-wheels on the drum wall instead of on the drum axles
  • 4 pieces heavy supporting legs (in and fold away)
  • Frame galvanized Reel features two components lacquer
  • Capacity at 4 "hose approx. 1.200 metres
  • Capacity at 5" hose approx. 750 metres 
  • Empty weight ca. 1.100 kg 



* Slootsmid is able to deliver the reel including manure inlet hose or drag hose.