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Mobile manure separator

Slootsmid manufactures mobile manure separator systems. These systems are characterised by high capacity combined with the possibility of separating manure at different locations.

The systems are made up of a chassis with a supply pump and a discharge pump with an added cutting filter unit as an option. With a number of separators, depending on their capacity, this can be built up from 1 separator. Then there is a discharge auger with sufficient capacity and reach to be able to fill trucks. A generator and control unit for the drive and for operating the pumps and the auger complete the system.

Slootsmid's current mobile manure separator concept can be easily transported with a tractor on the open road. Systems adapted to client specifications are always possible.

Advantages of separating manure on site

  • Slurry volume reduced to as low as 25%.  
  • The manure (both liquid and solid) can be reused on the farm or be sold off.
  • Solid matter can be used for stall bedding (bio-comfort bedding)


SEM 520 (Eco mobile manure separator)

This simple mobile separator has been specially designed for farmers wishing to share the use of a manure separator. The machine is also particularly suitable as hire equipment. The separator is built on a strong galvanised unbraked trailer chassis. A 380 Volt / 32 Amp connection is all that is needed to connect the machine. A special pump and discharge auger can be added to the machine for liquid fraction. 



Type of separator       Type of intake       Liquid fraction discharge        Set-up
FAN 3.2 - 520 Worm pump Free flow/ centrifugal pump Mobile


  • FAN 3.2-780 separator
  • Discharging solid fraction with auger. The auger housing is galvanised and fully sealed for safety. 
  • Hoses with Storz couplings.



SMS 1-4 ( Profi mobile manure separator)

The SMS 1-4 is a professional high-capacity mobile manure separator and extremely durable, yet cost-effective to operate. It was designed specially for agricultural contractors. It lends itself to combinations of 1, 2, 3 or 4 separators. If several separators are used a generator is added for supplying the power. The amount of diesel used by the generator is particularly economical. The design offers plenty of storage space for suction hoses, discharge hoses and various other accessories. A 600-litre liquid fraction tank fitted with a centrifugal pump takes care of the discharge. The solid fraction is discharged with the use of two augers. The auger housing, which can be rotated 180 degrees and adjusted up to 4 metres in height, is fully sealed for safety. Another advantage of sealing the auger housing is that it prevents solid fraction from being blown about. This means a cleaner yard. The complete unit is installed on a strong trailer fitted with large wheels and hydraulic brakes. The machine can be driven at considerable speed and is extremely stable when towed behind a tractor. The chassis is fully galvanised which guarantees a long life. Expanding the machine’s capacity is a simple matter. 



Type of separator     Type of intake              Liquid fraction discharge        Set-up
FAN 3.2 - 780  Worm or lobe pump Centrifugal or lobe pump Mobile


  • Slootsmid electrical precutter filter
  • Various options possible. For further information, contact us. 



SMS 6 (Profi mobile manure separator)

The SMS 6 is a step up from the SMS 1-4 and stands out in terms of capacity, funcionality and durability. The machine is particularly suitable for agricultural contractors who need the deal with much larger quantities. It comes fitted with a Börger intake pump which has a Slootsmid electrical precutter filter mounted in front of it. The liquid fraction is discharged with the use of a Börger displacement pump. The intake is handled by a 138 KvA Massey Ferguson power generator with a Sisu motor. The unit is fitted with an automatic starter system so that it takes just one press of the button for the separators to start up automatically one after the other.  The SMS 6 is also provided with additional safety features.



Typ of separator       Type of intake       Liquid fraction discharge       Set-up
FAN 3.2 - 780 Lobe pump Lobe pump Mobile


  • Various options possible. For further information, contact us.