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Robust construction with low own weight

Slootsmid arable slurry injectors have a robust construction in combination with a relatively low own weight. The frames are fully galvanised, which offers good protection against the heavy circumstances under which the slurry injectors are often used. Two or four support wheels that can be adjusted in heigt ensure the correct working depth. The farmland slurry injector SB Eco is provided with Slootsmid 4-point attachment.

Standard version:

  • Hydraulic-drive cut-and-spread mill 
  • Running wheels that can be adjusted in height. 
  • Complete lighting fixture.
  • 4-point attachment
  • Fully galvanised frame.
  • Spring-loaded injection tine.

Special injection tine at 25 cm

Charastics of Slootsmid arable slurry injectors are the accurate spread and low-emission utilisation of the slurry. The distance between the (spring-loaded) injection tines is only 25 centimetres, or as desired 30 centrimetres. Besides the are divided over two rows. These special injection tine and the ample frame of the arable slurry injectors provide good flow of the slurry. Moreover, the arable slurry injectors are equipped with Slootsmid's precision spreader as standard. The refined slurry spread of Slootsmid arable slurry injectors prevents differences in growth.


Type SB 3.00      SB 4.50      SB 5.50

Working width (m)

2.75 4.25 5.25
Transport width (m)      2.90 2.75 2.75
Number of injection tines      11 17 21
Distance of tines (cm) 25 25 25
Number of support wheels 2 4 4
Own weight (kg) 730 1.090 1.195