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Robust construction with low own weight. 

The Slootsmid SBB Profi Max arable slurry injector has a robust construction in combination wiht a relatively low own weight. The frame is fully galvanised, which offers good protection against the heavy circumstances under which the slurry injectors are often used. 



Clever design

On the Slootsmid SBB Profi Max arable slurry injector is a eccentric cutting distributor mounted. This in combination with the unique non-blocking hoses which are mounted into the outflow pipes. Provides by a low and high gift a perfect distribution. 

The tines distance of 60 centimetres and the angle at which the tines are posted. Along with a large free passage of 70 cm make pulling the injector along lighter work and a good flow without clogging by crop residues. The depth setting and input depth of the manure is easy to adjust by the barred roller with large diameter which is mounted to the rear.

The machine folds in two parts with the big advantage that no crop or ground remnants remain on the frame. Also, a maximum working width can be combined with a transportation width of 2.85 metre. 




The high mounted vertical divider is filled from the bottom up. The vertical distribution by eccentric plates and fill from the bottom up realize under any situation a perfect distribution. 



Shielding tines. 

The tines are shielded in lockup situation. With the robust lighting bar, the machine can be transported securely over public roads. When the machine is in operation, it wouldn't be affected by the protection. 


Variable attachment.

The SBB Max series is equipped with an adjustable 3-point attachment mount to the frame. The adjustable attachment allows the arable slurry injector very close behind every model tank/self propelled trac be linked. 

Technical information

Type      SBB 6.00 Profi Max       SBB 7.20 Profi Max       SBB 7.80 Profi Max
Working width (m)      6.00 7.20 7.80
Transport widht (m) 2.85 2.85 2.85
Number of injection tines      20 24 26
Distance between tines (centre to centre / row)      60/30 cm 60/30 cm 60/30 cm
Roll diametre (cm) 62 62 62
Weight (KG ca. 2.600 ca. 2.950 ca. 3.350


Depth rol is formed from 8 tubes in V-shape, tube diameter is 46 x 38 mm.


Attachment shall be carried out by a 3-point Cat 2/3, adjustable in height and length.