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Slootsmid’s shallow grassland injectors are available in several models that can be attached simply and easily to any tanker. All models excel in spreading, manoeuvrability, soil adaptability and application.

In addition, reliability comes together with the light weight of the injectors, truly an ideal combination!All Slootsmid injectors have been fitted with the Slootsmid distributor, which came out as one of the best in the DLG tests. This distributor is generous in size and has a large capacity.

The use of centrifugal force creates a forced flow of slurry, which means that precise distribution is achieved for both high and low output.The distributors are constructed from thick-walled steel, which makes them very durable. Worn parts are easy to replace because of the simple construction.  



Standard version

The individual elements adapt to the track and ground contours. The elements are fitted with pre-cutting discs, coulter blades and automatic coulter guards The working depth can be adjusted from 0 to 4 centimetres by adjusting the height of the running wheels. Access to the distribution unit via steps and a platform is available as an option. This version comes standard with a hydraulically driven cutting distributor with a cross beam fitted with a 4" KKV.A steel wire spiral reinforced clear hose with an interior diameter of 50 mm runs from the distributor to the discharge 'boots'.The machine is fully galvanised and is fitted with a lighting strip that includes a triangular Slow Moving Vehicle warning sign. Models SK5M and SK6M are fitted with double running wheels as a standard feature.The machine can be mounted onto virtually any model tanker with the use of the Slootsmid 4-point hitch. 


Models and versions

Model       Number of elements  Workingwidth  Running wheels 
SK3M 15 (op 20 cm.) 3.00 m. 2
SK4M 21 (op 20 cm.) 4.20 m. 4
SK5M 25 (op 20 cm.) 5.00 m. 4
SK6M 31 (op 20 cm.) 6.00 m. 4