Stationary separator

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SVS 520 (Permanently installed for separating manure)

The SVS 520 is generally used to separate manure into liquid and solid fraction on your own farm. This manure separator can be installed exactly where you want it. More often than not farmers choose to have the separator installed on a silo wall, which means that te solid fraction can drop straight down. It also means that the solid fraction is stored in a roomy and robust storage space. All the manure separators come fitted with a switch box with an automatic switch-on feature, thermal overload protection, a programmable timer, a counter, and run-dry protection for the pump. With these security features the machine can be left to run safely by itself. 



Type of separator      Type of intake      Liquid fraction discharge      Set-up     
FAN 3.2 - 520 Worm pump Fee flow Stationary


  • FAN 3.2 - 780 separator
  • Concrete silo-walls
  • Concrete blocks
  • Manure mixer can be controlled (manual/automatically) from the switch cabinet. Delivery of manure mixers is possible. 



SSM 520 ( Compact manure separator)

The SSM 520 has much in common with the SVS 520. Most notably this manure separator is a simple plug-and-go mochine. Because of its compact size this fully galvanised machine readily fits into any space, e.g. near the manure pit or on a trailer. The separator can also readily be moved to another spot with the use of a pallet fork. No preparation is needed to get the machine running as the separator is delivered ready for use.



Type of separator      Type of intake      Liquid fraction discharge      Set-up Measurements (LxWxH)
FAN 3.2 - 520 Worm pump Free flow Stationary 2.50 x 1.50 x 3.20 m.


  • FAN 3.2-780 separator
  • Liquid fraction pump. (If there isn't a possibility to situate near the manure pit)
  • Dry running security.