SZB Profi 1

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The SZB’s main frame has been constructed from special steel. The Slootsmid distributor, as is the case on all Slootsmid injectors, has been placed in an elevated position. This position, together with the unique non-blocking hoses, ensures a perfect, uninterrupted flow from the distributor down to the ground. As they descend the hoses are distributed evenly across the bottom width. The dual elements are suspended by means of maintenance-free articulated hinges so that they can adjust to the contours of the ground. The discs in the elements have a diameter of 250 or 300 mm and they are placed 180 mm apart. When the injector is raised, the rubber slurry outlets are automatically closed by means of a mechanical system. A hydraulic closing system is available as an option.

SZB Profi

The SZB Profi is the ideal machine for professional contractors keen on providing the best service to their customers. The dual elements of the SZB Profi come fitted with 300 mm discs. The pressure on the ground is normally mechanically controlled but a hydraulic option is also available. The unique, robust and stable frame is fitted with angled hinges. This enables the machine to be folded into a compact shape. This injector is suitable for the most heavy-duty conditions and varied soil types. It performs extremely efficiently, even at high speeds. What contributes to this is its clever ability to adjuct to track and soil contours.

Maximum benefit from your Slurry

Because of the small disc the injector exerts very little pressure yet delivers the fertilizer very efficiently into the soil onder the most difficult of conditions. The narrow coulter makes a right-angled slit and the unique rubber slurry outlets ensures that the slit is filled properly without any spillage. In this waty the fertiliser is delivered directly into the top layer of the soil where it is absorbed and used to optimal effect. 

Innovative dual element

The newly developed dual element is fitted with pre-cutting discs, coulter blades and discharge 'boots'. Both pre-cutting discs rotate independently of each other and can be supplied with a 250 or 300 mm diameter.


Attention to safety

The machine has a robust lighting strip, a hydraulic locking system for when it is in transport position, and when the frame arms are folded up the outer elements are automatically shielded by a safeguard mechanism. The SZB slurry injectors are equipped with a unique patented swivel system between the main frame and the folding arms. When the machine is folded up both arms turn inwards, so that its width in transport position is reduced to just 2.75 m.

Mechanical and/or hydraulic

The SZB series of shallow grassland injectors have been developed to incorporate the customer's choice of mechanical or hydraulic suspension and coulter valves.


Models and versions

Model Working width Transport width   Number of dual elements  Number of discharge points  Weight  Space between discs Disc diameter  Hydraulic double foldaway system

SZB 800 profi

7.92 m. 2.75 m. 22 44 2.450 kg      18 cm 300 mm No

SZB 865 profi

8.64 m. 2.75 m. 24 48 2.650 kg      18 cm 300 mm No

SZB 865 profi

8.64 m. 2.75 m. 24 48 2.850 kg      18 cm 300 mm Yes
SZB 940 profi 9.36 m. 2.75 m. 26 54 3.000 kg      18 cm 300 mm Yes