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Slootsmid 85E

  • Capacity: 8570 litre
  • Jurop 10.000 litre vacuum pump
  • Tanker with central fixed shaft
  • Hydraulic supporting leg, with ball valve
  • Rotatable towing eye
  • Hydraulic brakes
  • Axle (100x100 mm)
  • Manhole at the rear of the tanker (600mm)
  • Sight glass Ø100 mm
  • Hose hook on one side of the tank
  • Close side protection at the left and right side
  • Semi-automatic 6" side connection at the front left-side
  • Provision for mounting lifting and slurryinjector system
  • Provision for mounting 3rd hydraulic point
  • Wide angle drive shaft with overrunning clutch
  • Wheel housing with mud guards
  • Stainless steel fine pressure control valve
  • Lights and bumper
  • Tyres; Prostor 28.1x26
  • 6" hydraulic shut-off valve with large barrier chamber
  • 4x hydraulic pipe to the rear en for slurryinjector



  • Additional semi-automatic 6" side connection
  • Hydraulic supporting leg with hand pump
  • Jurop 12.000 vacuum pump
  • Extension set (exhaust/oil catcher/ top suction)
  • suspension shaft, Cross-suspension 
  • Air brake
  • Extended Wheel housing with mud guards
  • Turbo-filler 6"
  • Cuttingfilter SF 6
  • Slootsmid 4-point linkage


Perfekta 100 and 120

The Slootsmid Perfekta tankers are designed with many years of hard use in mind. They are manufactured from high-quality materials under extremely stringent quality requirements.This means that Slootsmid's tankers are of the highest quality. The tankers also come with a range of accessories and fittings. This allows us to put together a complete tanker that reflects your personal requirements. The Perfecta vacuum tankers and the Robusta pump tankers come in models varying in capacity from 10.000 and 12.000 litres.

Standard features:

  • Galvanised body with integrated underframe
  • Bottem mounted drawbar, hydraulic supporting leg and bolted towing eye.
  • PTO with overrunning clutch
  • 11.000 litre vacuum pump with forced lubrication system
  • Fine pressure control valve and safety valve
  • Double connection vacuum pump at upper side tank. for enough air capacity.
  • Great syphon
  • Semi-automatic 6" side connection at the left and right side
  • Hydraulic braked axle
  • Tyres: 800/60R32 Alliance A390
  • Possibility for mounting tyres till 1050/50R32 
  • Provision for mounting lifting system


Type     100 WK     120 WK
Capacity  (litre) 10.000  12.000
Measurement (mm) 6100x2500x3400     6100x2500x3600
Pump MEC 11.000 MEC 11.000
Capacity pump  (litre)    11.000 11.000