Why manure separation

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Manure separated into liquid and solid fraction

Manure separation results in two types of manure, i.e. liquid and solid fraction that can be used in different ways. This enables you to apply ferilizer to suit your own particular needs, using fertilizer you have produced yourself!


The advantage of liquid fraction:

  • Slurry is reduced to 25%
  • Lower storage and transportation costs
  • Noticeabel reduction in odour.
  • Higher nitrate content per m³ compared to non-separated slurry.
  • Better soil penetration and better fertilizer uptake by plants.


 The advantage of solid fraction:

  • Self-composting, almost completely odourless and is easily stored.
  • Improves soil structure and increases the humus content
  • Easy to load and transport
  • Solid fraction can be used successfully as bedding



Solid fraction for stall bedding

  • Perfect bedding for in the stalls, optimal comfort
  • You will no longer be at the mercy of price fluctuations in materials such as straw, hay or sawdust.
  • Fewer fly larvae in the stalls, as the larvae have difficulty surviving in dry conditions.
  • Cleaner cows, less time spent cleaning udders.
  • Pressure on leg and hock sores is considerably reduced when an adequate amount of stall bedding!
  • A more stable environment and better health for your herd. 
  • Extra bedding is readily available and simple to apply.